1. Meet the Tradewinds RV Team

  2. Administration

    Rick Couch, General Manager


    Rick Couch is our third generation owner of Tradewinds RV. This dealership was started by his grandparents, passed to his parents and ultimately he earned the title of owner. Rick has worked his way from detail, through service, sales and eventually to General Manager. He is happily married with four sons, two of which have started working at Tradewinds RV.

    Barbara Martindale, Bookkeeper


    Barbara has been with Tradewinds RV since 2003. She handles our accounting and record keeping, and she also serves as our tech support when our phones, internet or computers start acting up. Without her here, we would be lost. She is the root, behind the scenes, that keeps Tradewinds RV in operation.

    Lula Sheets, Receptionist


    Lula has been part of our family since 2004. You can find her at our front desk in the sales office. Without Lula, Tradewinds RV wouldn't be able to operate. She handles phone calls, pictures, website info, inventory and greets every customer that walks through our door with a heart warming smile. It would be easier to list the duties that she doesn't handle. She is literally the heart and soul of the sales department.


    Scott McKeever, Finance Director & Sales Associate


    Scott has been a valued part of our family since 1991. Scott started at Tradewinds RV in lawn maintenance. Working his way up he is now handling our finance department and RV sales. Every customer that purchases from us gets the chance to meet Scott at the time of closing.


    Momma Cat, Morale Manager

    Momma Cat has been with Tradewinds RV for over 5 years and has mothered 3 sets of litters. She is responsible for moral support and squirrel maintenance!! Without Momma Cat here to protect us and raise moral we would be over run by the squirrels!


    Tim Trzeciak, Parts Manager


    Tim has been with Tradewinds RV since 2011. He started here washing RV's and worked his way up to the position he holds today. In the past, Tim has been in the food service industry and has over 30 years experience in customer service. If you need accessories or parts for your RV Tim is sure to take excellent care of you.

    Tracy Cooper, Parts and Accessory Store

    Tracy has been with Tradewinds for about a year and she takes care of our part and accessory store. Stop by and see Tracy for any of your part and accessory needs.


    Frank Medina, Sales Associate


    Frank has been in sales for more than 40 years. He has been part of our family since 1999. His no pressure sales technique has been a hallmark for our sales process here at Tradewinds RV. If you get the chance to meet Frank it will definitely be a pleasure you won't soon forget.

    Johan Uys, Sales Associate


    Johan has been in the RV business for 10 years and has owned several businesses over the years. Originally from Africa, Johan is married with 3 children and 3 grand children. Call Johan today for a great camper buying experience.


    Tim Chesteine, Service Manager


    Tim has been a valued member of Tradewinds RV since 1999 and is RVIA and RVDA certified technician. Tim's previous work history includes industrial, commercial and residential electrical. He has over 18 years experience working on RV's and started here as a technician. In 2009 Tim was promoted to our service manager and has held that position since. He handles the retail and warranty work on our campers. If you need service or have any questions pertaining to your RV, Tim is your "go to" man.

    Nikki Watkins, Service Writer

    Nikki has been with Tradewinds for about a year. Nikki is a great asset coordinating all of the service work, warranty repairs, insurance claims, extended warranty, and scheduling appointments for new customers picking up their campers.

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